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Our kennel is located in a quiet countryside place full of nature.We consider "QOL for dogs" the most important. Our dogs enjoy their life just the way they are,like playing with doggy friends or water or snow,nature exploring,staying with us in the living room. They are part of the family. We treasure them.

Our kennel name "Renaixensa" is a word of Catalonia(Spain),means "revival".In 1990's,Siberian husky was booming in Japan. Everybody bred blue eyed huskies without having knowledge of bloodline or genetic disease,because they were rare. Sadly because of it,many huskies were born which have serious health issue or non ideal temperament. Then,such dogs were abandoned and blue eyed huskies disappeared. It's said that blue eyed huskies are rare in Japan even now. In fact,nobody has come a long way to regain great blue eyed husky bloodlines.As a longstanding fan of blue eyed husky,I wanted to change such a situation.​The main purpose for Renaixensa is creating and disseminating of high-quality blue-eyed huskies based on the world great bloodlines,here in Japan. Plus we will make an effort for our dogs success in Japan and the world.

We do breed only purebred husky that is healthy and has an excellent anatomy and ideal temperament. We do a regular health check up and genetic disease test for all dogs.Breeding is premeditated. We never overburden our dogs,and never do inbreeding. We select the most suitable pair to expand the genetic pool for new generations.We will also actively maintain communication with domestic and overseas kennels to maintain an excellent pedigree that is healthy mentally and physically.


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第一種動物取扱業 販売


事業所の名称 ラナシェンサ

動物取扱責任者   越智 理恵

登録年月日 平成29年4月21日

有効期限  平成34年4月20日

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